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it's a matter of trust

lately "trust" has come up a lot. trust and vulnerability. they go hand in hand, but generally we don't like either one. or maybe i should just speak for myself - i don't like either one.

and waiting on adoption really challenges my trust. it challenges my desire to be open and honest and vulnerable. because when there are good things going on it's really easy to share that with people, but when it's hard, and uncomfortable, and forcing you to grow and challenging where your trust and your hope really lie -
let's just say it's not so easy to share the ugly truth about yourself with other people when you wish it wasn't true.

who am i really trusting?
usually i'm trusting myself, and what i think is best, and adding in some prayer to try to back up my own direction.

these last few weeks have been draining. our kids got sick, and the sickness lingered for a while. i'm also transitioning back into soccer coaching for the spring, and we've…

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