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party of five

we've been a family of five for just over a month now. it's crazy to think it has been that long, and that short, all at once. especially since we've only been home for a couple of weeks. we're definitely still adjusting - as one would expect since we added a whole person to our family. although, i still catch myself thinking i should be doing more, and thinking that we should be farther along in this process somehow.

it feels like we're adjusting on the fly since we didn't really expect to end up with a five {now six} month old. we expected our whole world to pause with a newborn, and we ended up with a happy, social, smiley, and very mobile six month old.

expectations be damned.
but in the best way.

i'm not going to share the full story in detail because 1. i can't, and 2. i want her to be able to own her story and choose who knows what about her when she gets older. so for now, suffice it to say that we heard about her on december 27, and we brought…

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