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hurry up and wait

hurry up and wait. it feels like the title of our adoption process. hurry up and wait. over and over again we do it. it's innate in the process. 
we had the privilege of meeting with our expectant mama last weekend. we enjoyed our time with her, and are grateful we got the chance to meet her and spend that time with her. above all, we are grateful. that's really what it comes down to. we are grateful. 
and if i'm being really honest, there are also a lot of days when i think - Lord, are you sure? are you really really sure that this is where we're supposed to be? because adoption is so many things. it is a beautiful picture in many senses, but it's also complicated and hard. 
i have to look at the moments that we have experienced along the way that bring confirmation time and time again. yes. right now, you are where you're supposed to be. 
that doesn't mean it's no longer complicated. it doesn't mean that it's no longer hard. it doesn't cha…

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