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the milestones

today is a big day. yesterday was a big day. friday is kind of a big day too. oh, and sunday. sunday will be kind of a big day.

in one sense the days are just days. they come and they go. time marches on. but my goodness this week is chock full of good things and a lot of emotion.

yesterday my baby girl turned 4. it just doesn't feel possible that she's officially out of any kind of toddlerhood that was left {which, if we're honest, there wasn't a whole lot of that in there any more anyway}.

and today. hold on tight today. today our little man starts kindergarten. kindergarten. how is that possible?!

i know that you might be thinking i'm crazy. i mean, i did know these things were coming. and i've known for months that they were coming back to back like this. but this mama's heart isn't quite ready to let him go.

because just like that - it happened. just like i was always told it would.
before you know it.
before you know it everything is different.


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