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three years ago.

three years ago yesterday we were signing away our old house so i could come home and finish preparing our new one for our baby girl.

i still needed to get all of keane's stuff ready for nana & papa's house. i needed to double check my bag. i even managed to paint my nails a fall color since i knew i wouldn't be doing it again anytime soon.

peter wrapped up as much as possible at the office - even coming home a little bit late to make sure he wouldn't need to check in as much while we were at the hospital.

keane got chick-fil-a for dinner to celebrate his last night being an only child. oh, and i wrapped adele's presents for keane. the ones that he would get at the hospital when he came to meet her for the first time.

and 3 years ago i held my little nugget in my arms for the first time.

every year i wonder how in the world life is going so fast. every year it screams by faster and faster. some days i'm not sure where it all went. other days i do a very goo…

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