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snow days

yesterday was one of those idyllic days that i'll remember for a long time. we had a snowed in snow day for the first time this winter, and it was just what my soul needed.

we kicked off our snow day activities by baking banana bread tuesday night after finding out that school had already been cancelled, and yesterday brought the perfect mix of adventure, and coziness.

after breakfast the kids enjoyed the typical snow-day movie-watching while i put to use my new yoga dice from christmas.

peter worked from home, so we all got in some bundled up sled-riding and snow-angel-making followed by hot cider next to the fireplace, and a mac & cheese picnic for lunch.

the kiddos changed straight back into their jammies after our snow adventure, and stayed in them for the rest of the day.

we played games, listened to lots of music, and i even squeezed in a little fireside reading. there was zero pressure to go anywhere, or do anything because our world was covered in a blanket of pure, c…

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