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the truth of the matter is that vulnerability sucks. it's hard to open yourself up and be really honest because then you can honestly get hurt. if you're guarded, if you hold back, if you don't really try or put your all into something, then you have an excuse if it doesn't go how you planned or wanted.

i heard a quote once that i've probably shared here before - "in as much as you are known, you are loved." if we don't open ourselves up to be known we cannot open ourselves up to be loved as we are.  

and while there's a reason we shut out vulnerability - to try to avoid all kinds of hurt - choosing not to go all in has its own set of ramifications.

so this morning, i'm choosing to be really honest about where i am in the midst of this adoption story.
i'm struggling. a lot.

i'm so unsure that this is where we're supposed to be because nothing seems to be moving forward. i've stopped counting how many times we've been pass…

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