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to my team: dare greatly.

dear girls,

every year it gets harder and harder for me to encapsulate my thoughts at the end of the season. i cannot believe that four seasons have already come and gone. i know that is quite possibly the most cliché phrase i could write at this moment, but it doesn't stop being true.

and this year is especially hard because i really thought this was the year. this year had state champs written all over it. i'm still in shock that it's really over. and i still don't quite believe that i won't ever see any of you seniors in a cox mill jersey ever again. it already feels like there's something missing.

i know we didn't end up where we wanted to this season. i know.
it breaks my heart too.
i know it sucks in a different way, but it still sucks. and in this moment, it's just going to suck.

but we won't stay there. be there for now. grieve it.
grieve what we wanted. grieve what could have been. and then be grateful for all that was.

no, we didn't g…

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