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won't He do it!

oh boy. here we go.

some of you know all about this already. others of you have no idea {and i know you'll all be disappointed with the lack of photos in this post}.

the title of this post was my favorite reaction from a friend of mine about this.


we picked up our daughter yesterday.
we picked up our 5 month old little girl.

our other two very quickly became a big sister, and a big brother x2.

our daughter is currently napping in the next room.

it's crazy-amazing. and it's so strange.
just like with the other two - your family just suddenly grows. just - boom. now we're not four, we're five.

just. like. that.

and suddenly what felt out of reach and impossible for so many months - that person we thought might never show up - well, she's here.

and if i'm being really honest - it doesn't feel real yet. even still. even now. even as i'm planning out this time i'll have to spend in a different place waiting until we can come home.

i'm revi…

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