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the final year. an open letter to my girls:

to my team, my girls, every. single. one. of. you. -

thank you.
thank you for the privilege of coaching you this year, and for the last five years.
thank you for allowing me the space to teach you something about this game that i love so much.
but even more than this game, thank you for giving me a small space to be a part of your lives.

for my varsity girls: i know last night was heartbreaking in so many ways. it was for me too. i know that working for something for an entire season, or two or three or four {or five} entire seasons and falling short of your goal when it was right there is nothing less than devastating.

and it should be devastating. in a way it's good that it was devastating. because being devastated at the end of a long game and a long season that fell just short of what we all wanted and hoped and worked for - that means that it mattered. that means that you put every last ounce of yourselves into it and behind it. it means that you played courageously and you d…

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