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do something that scares you every day.

i want to live more that way. too often i stay stuck in my routine - doing the things i've always done. i tend to do better with structure, so i know i'll never entirely do away with routine, but i cannot allow myself to be too comfortable either.
friday i did something that really scares me, and i came away from it even more scared and even more resolute that we should move forward. i went to an adoption conference for the day. 
we have talked about adoption for a long time. we have always planned on adopting, but now that it's "next" when it comes to kids i'm realizing how scared i am of the unknown of adoption. it's the same kind of scared as having a baby; it's just the process of adoption takes longer, and if i'm being really honest the stakes seem higher.
the stakes seem higher because we are taking in a child for the purpose of showing him/her unconditional love and raising him/her up. bu…

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