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waiting & wondering: adoption update

well, friends, it has been a while since we've given an adoption update mostly because things were taking a while to get checked off of the list and move us into the time of waiting.

but now, now we are waiting. waiting and wondering when, and having no idea what time-frame we're looking at.

that said, we have decided to be presented to a birth mama this week. this is the first time we're presenting our profile for consideration and there are so.many.emotions. swirling around right now.

we have no idea how many families are presenting in this situation, and no idea what the likelihood of getting chosen is.

we have no idea.

and that's really it. we have no idea about any of it. we really have to trust in God's timing. period. not just in this, but obviously in this. because we have no control.

we've only been in this waiting stage for a couple of weeks, and it is already hard.

it's hard to not know.
it's hard to live in the tension.
it's hard to try …

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