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if i'm being really honest...

the past couple of days have been emotionally rough. last night i just wanted to sit and have a good cry - just because. but peter was out of town, and the kids chose last night to be their - up again and again and again and again night.
so, no good cry was had.

adoption has me a bit overwhelmed. i started worrying about it. i started worrying about the profile. i started worrying about our child. i started crying while thinking about the expectant parents. and i kept crying as i thought about the women and the couples who want a baby and for some reason just don't have one yet.

i started worrying about the logistics, about the details. i'm deciding if i'm still going to coach this year, and i started worrying about that. i started worrying about timing.

i started worrying.
that was the real problem.

most of august has been and will be crazy this year. there are a bunch of overlaps of things starting when others haven't fully finished up.

i'm re-evaluating a lot of…

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