utter insignificance

i started a book earlier this week called "crazy love" by francis chan. i'm only a couple chapters into it, so i cannot yet give a full report with my thoughts, but it has certainly given me a lot to think about so far.

i was particularly struck by the following r.c. sproul quote:

men are never duly touched and impressed
with a conviction of their insignificance,
until they have contrasted themselves
with the majesty of God.

i got to thinking about how true that is for me. all too often i get annoyed because i haven't changed the world yet - and everyone knows that 25 years on this earth is plenty of time to change the world. but, instead of setting out to attempt to do something about it, i gripe and complain about the fact that it hasn't happened yet.

i want to write a good story with my life, but i also have to recognize that my story needs to fit into the one God has for me. because he's in control. so, it'll be much better if i remember that he's writing the story of the universe, the story of time, the only story that really matters, and do my best to do what he'd have me do.

i'm utterly baffled by God right now. we are so insignificant, and yet, he has chosen to love us, to walk with us, to hurt when we hurt, and to paint a masterpiece using our lives. he's given each one of us the gifts and talents we possess, and created this world for us. and every day of my life i throw it back in his face.

it doesn't matter who you are,
it matters whose you are.

the only significance i have is a gift from God; i am only good because he made me in his image. i only have value because he gave it to me.

but he did give it to me
he did make me
he did


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