square 1

well, i have fallen off the blog train a little bit, and for that i apologize. as i mentioned in my last post there is a lot going on right now, not the least of which is coaching.

we had our first real game last monday night. it ended in a tie. and a pretty frustrating tie at that since we really should've won. though admittedly, i'm a bit biased.

anyway, different coaching positions have different pros and cons. and this week it really occurred to me that we have to start over every year. of course i knew this last year, but i had never had to actually do it. many of those things that we taught last year need to be taught again for all of the new players on our team. in many ways it's a positive because new players help build a program. it just means there's more to do on any given day.

i'm really not complaining though. despite the rough days and tough conversations i really enjoy it despite its flaws.

and sometimes what's true of coaching is true of life. sometimes we need to start over. sometimes we need to add people to our circle and help them learn something new. and sometimes we're doing the learning instead of the teaching.

i don't know what all this season has in store for us. i think we could really come together as a team and be better than we should be because of it. of course the reverse is also true -- we could really not come together, and be worse than we could be because of it. obviously i'm hoping for the former...

and on another [completely unrelated except for the random thought process in my head] note - peter and i have been having some interesting discussions lately about simplifying. and for me, simplifying is similar to starting over. we have to go back to square 1 and think about what things are necessities, and what things are just extra. 

peter is much more of a minimalist than i am, which poses a bit of a problem [by way of a constant need for compromise] for both of us. he would like things to be very modern and streamlined, while i like some of the little extras that - to me - make a house more of a home. granted, in the big scheme of things we're talking about more than just our house, we're talking about our lives, and how we spend our time, and our money. we're talking about the way that our stuff seems to own us in the same way that we own it.

part of our discussion last night even veered into the realm of comparison -- we don't have a huge house, or audacious vehicles if you compare them to other married couples around our age in our culture, but are those the people we should be comparing ourselves to?

and it has me thinking about my justification for things. it's a tough pill to swallow, but i'm determined to really think about it. too often i catch myself just going with the flow, and falling into step with what's going on around me without asking enough questions about it - whatever it is.

it's not easy to start over, to begin again, to ask the tough questions about whatever situation you're in...

...but sometimes
it's necessary.


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