playing catch-up

oh goodness, it has been quite a while! i have been concentrating on nothing but soccer for a little bit, but the season finished up last week, and now i'm in the process of piecing everything else together and figuring out how it all should work.

the week thus far has been at least somewhat productive, though i'm not 100% sure how much productivity it takes to be productive these days... i have checked a few things off of my list though, so i'll take it.

anyway, for the most part life is good - granted i still have to make my peace with the whole gaining weight thing. i still haven't gained much, but until i can actually feel this little babykins moving around in there it just seems like i'm getting chubby. [there you go, my vanity exposed...]

just this week i've realized how many projects we need to do before this baby comes. we had talked about all of them before, but i finally made a list.

everything is completely do-able, it's just a lot to take in all at once. it's good though.

i've finally started to let myself get excited, and let go of some of the nerves - not because they wouldn't come out if i let them, but simply because i'd rather enjoy this time than worry about it, so i've been continually, repeatedly, letting it go. again. and again. and again.

i've talked with two different sisters-in-law in the past couple weeks about two different baby showers. and i found the cutest invitations via pinterest and etsy. i don't know that we'll use them, but they're totally adorbs!


Source: via Kate on Pinterest

we're also less than a month away from our ultrasound appointment when we [hopefully] get to find out whether babykins is a son or daughter. i'm super excited, it's just going to be really hard to keep it a secret for a couple months! [we're not telling anyone until the shower]

but it also means we get to start talking about names, and start thinking about the registry, and adjust our nursery ideas one way or the other.

it's completely crazy to think that we're already 17 weeks into this journey. is it weird that it still doesn't always feel real? or is that normal?

anyway, i'm trying to gear up for summer knowing that it's bound to be another hot year, and i'm going to need to rely mostly on breezy dresses to make it through. i'm actually planning on trying to make one or two of the aforementioned dresses in the next few weeks, so i'll be sure to let you know how they go.

hope life is treating you well!


  1. wouldn't hurt to tell maybe just one person...just saying. ;)

    love the invite, though we'll have to wait til you decide if this is a neutral shower or if it will be gender specific!

    and no, it's completely normal that it doesn't feel real yet. soon it will. and you're almost halfway through! CRAZY!!



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