12 weeks

so, there you have it. the last post tells you exactly why not much writing has occurred on here for the last couple of months. my original "resolution" for this year was to blog at least 2x/week. ha. haha. [oh, the best laid plans.]

truthfully though, the biggest reason had more to do with my exhaustion levels than the fact that my concentration focused mostly on pregnancy, and this baby. and everything that goes with it. every time i thought about writing i paused and subsequently thought, "well, no one is really going to want to hear about me staying in my pajamas and napping as much as possible."

this time around i wasn't as sick during the first trimester, but man, i was tired. all.the.time. i know it has to do with the fact that i have a one-year-old now, but i still don't remember wanting to climb into bed at 8:30 every night last time.

the official due date is august 30th, but based on the craziness of last time we're probably going to have a scheduled c-section which will likely be earlier than that. apparently i can opt out of the scheduled c-section, but my doctor said the likelihood of delivering normally is probably about 50/50. so we're leaning toward scheduling it.

lately we've talked about what we will and won't need once we have two kiddos, and how to make our house work for a family of four. we've talked about how long we want to wait before we move, and the logistics of things across the board.

we've done a good job [i think] of not rushing into decisions, and not even fully deciding some of those things, but simply keeping them on our radar. some of the moving questions will be determined more by whether we're having a boy or a girl than by the simple fact that we'll have two kids. [and yes, we plan on finding out via the ultrasound. and no, i really have no strong feeling either way.]

i have started looking at bunk bed posts, and newborn baby things on pinterest. and sibling photos. oh, be still my heart - some of them are so very sweet!

keane has even done a couple "big brother-y" things over the course of the last couple weeks. the first: i showed him a video of himself from when he was about a month old. he started getting fussy in the video, so keane took his pacifier out of his mouth and offered it to himself in the video.  the second: last night i was reading him one of his favorite books, called global babies. each page has a photo of a baby from a different country. a few different times over the [short] course of the book he reached out and tried to hug the baby in the photo - like hugged the book and pressed his face against the photo. it was adorable.

anyway, i will try to be better about updating from here on out. and now that the second trimester is starting i'm hoping i'll have the energy to write about some other things too! things like how much i'm gravitating toward jumpsuits, and maxi skirts, and maxi dresses now that i'm pregnant again. and like the fact that soccer season officially kicked off this week. and like us thinking about building our dream house. and my distaste already for being super pregnant during the hottest part of the year, but also knowing that i'm going to need to buy a giant swimsuit this time around so i can take keane to the pool. and you know, all sorts of things like that.

for now though, i'll just leave you with this video which shows you how much keane loves the slide - especially when he gets to go down the big one with daddy!



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