clean eating adventures: coco loco

{via tracey's culinary adventures}

a couple weeks ago peter and i decided that overall we needed to have healthier eating habits. it's not that we ate terribly before, but it wasn't great either.

when i agreed that we need to eat healthier our deal included a cheat day once a week. this means we don't have to completely do away with a lot of really delicious food, but simply eat it only once a week at most. we agreed on a "clean-eating" diet, but basically for us that means eating more fruits and vegetables, less pasta and bread, and staying away from processed food.

so, why is there a photo of a cupcake at the top of this post? and further, why is there a cupcake that i did not bake at the top of this post?

mostly because the two dozen coco loco cupcakes that i baked on friday afternoon are nearly gone, and no longer look all that pretty.

yes, two dozen, and almost gone. you read that right. now, to be fair keane and peter have collectively eaten about five of them. and we did take them to a block party on saturday [which is why i made them in the first place]. but there were other desserts at our block party and there were only a few cupcakes eaten.

so apparently to me "cheat day" really means: cheat until the cupcakes are gone.

there's one left downstairs, and i'm working very hard to save it for keane's snack time this afternoon. it would go very nicely with my morning coffee though. now that i think about it...

i wouldn't eat *that* many of other cupcakes, but these cupcakes are so amazingly delicious. that is why i look for excuses to make them, and to not make them all at the same time.

due to the deliciousness of these cupcakes, and our weekend plans i decided that the whole weekend would be our cheat day this time around. so i proceeded to stuff my face with a lot of cupcakes. and last night, when i would maybe eat a square of dark chocolate, i instead ate a cupcake. and washed it down with a fat tire [which we also got for the party], and then finished off the mango salsa accompanied by a whole mess of tortilla chips [because i couldn't drink the rest of my beer without anything to go with it...].

now, this isn't to say that the rest of the weekend was completely derailed when it comes to our food choices. in addition to the most delicious cupcakes ever i also made black bean burgers, honey roasted chickpeas, and the mango salsa for our party food. peter has continued to make green smoothies at breakfast time, and i have successfully moved to real actual cream for my coffee instead of the artificial coffeemate that i've used for the past 10+ years.

however, due to my overconsumption of cupcakes my plan for today includes a green smoothie, a nice long run at the gym, and veggie quesadillas for dinner.

i hope you enjoy your monday as much as i enjoyed all of my coco loco cupcakes! and let me know if you want the recipe. seriously.



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