blue & brown

i realize it has been quite a while since i've updated this blog, but it's not due to a lack of desire to do so. it is more due to the lack of time i've had over the past two weeks to be anywhere near my computer. 

this is going to be as brief as possible since i have more than enough to do in the next 2-3 hours before i leave for the weekend.

it has been a crazy-busy 2 weeks. i spent the entirety of last week at camp with 22 middle school kids. tired does not begin to describe how i felt when i got home. fun? yes. rejuvenating? to an extent. exhausting? absolutely.

since i've gotten home i feel as though my arms have been nothing more than painting robots which have taken over my body and all the time i have. we have spent the majority of this week painting our cabinets blue and our kitchen/dining room brown. and i assure you it's probably nothing like what you're picturing in your head. i'll post pictures once we get back from our weekend adventure (as long as i remember...).

we are trying to get done with the painting fairly quickly partially because we're both kind of sick of it already. the cabinets were an extremely tedious process, but thankfully they're done and the kitchen is very close. next our bedroom will go from boring kind of white to a more soothing oat muffin brown - actually the color is called "applesauce cake", but i've always liked "oat muffin" better. and our bathroom will go from blue to "kiwi-kissed" green. 

in other news...peter's brother is getting married this weekend, hence our weekend adventure. we will be journeying (such a long journey) to greenville, sc to attend his nuptial ceremony. tonight begins the festivities which means i need to get into gear and start actually accomplishing something.

anyway, there is a quick update of what's going on in our world. i hope yours is spinning a bit slower, for the sake of your sanity.

happy weekend!


  1. So I'm dying for an update; house, life, anything!!

    Hope all is going well! Hope to talk with ya soon!



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