one whole month.

forgive me for not posting as much as i would have liked over the course of keane's first few weeks of life. the baby kind of took precedence :o)

anyway, he really is the sweetest [and cutest!] little guy ever in my opinion. and somehow time has marched right on by us, and he is already a month old! he's growing and changing so quickly it's crazy.

i'm learning all kinds of new things as a parent, and though i'd be lying if i said i'm loving EVERY minute of it since getting peed and pooped on isn't exactly fantastic, i am loving parenthood as a whole.

i love holding my sleeping baby boy in my arms and snuggling with him. i love his awake times when he studies my face, or his daddy's face, or his surroundings. he's a very observant little guy, and likes to take things in.

he's already started to outgrow a few of his newborn clothes, but thankfully he can still wear most of my favorites.

anyway, look how much older he looks!

crazy how time flies!


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