halfway to one

as i was thinking about this post last week i started singing "ooooooh we're halfway there, ooooh-oh livin on a prayer" so here you go - bon jovi, for your listening pleasure :o)

in case you're confused, here's the deal -- keane turned six months old this past week. he's rolling and rolling like crazy. he regularly rolls around from back to stomach to back to stomach, especially when he's supposed to be falling asleep in his crib.

he reaches for everything, and grabs whatever he can get a hold of. he's definitely playing with his toys more - actually interacting with them. he sprouted his first tiny little tooth on thursday, and the next one is probably not far behind.

he loves, loves, loves his doorway jumper, and spends quite a lot of time in it since he'll play happily for a while [usually while i get ready to go somewhere...]. his jumper probably contributes to him not particularly liking to sit. he'd much prefer to "stand" or lie down. he can sit on his own for short little bits, but he doesn't really like just sitting. i think it's because he can't be quite as mobile if he's just sitting, but who knows...

he's also grinning like crazy now - giant cheesy grins, and has the cutest little laugh. and he still loves bexley. well, all dogs really. he thinks they're quite funny.

he continues to be an observant little man. he likes to be able to look around and take everything in. in that sense he's a lot like his daddy.

anyway, his six month photos were a bit of a challenge because of the whole  "wanting to move around everywhere, and not liking to sit"  thing. in that sense some of them are pretty funny, but we also had to give it up after two little bumps on the head [courtesy of the arms of the chair, which he was trying to grab...]. i also tried using the boppy to get him to stay sitting up, but you'll see what happened with that.

crazy to think that this parenting journey began six months ago already. crazy how much we've learned, and how little we know.

and on a semi-related note - i saw these pictures this week, and it made me think - how great would it be to celebrate 1/2 birthdays with a cake?? no presents or anything, of course, but how great is this cake idea?

{via alexamariezurcher.com}

{via alexmariezurcher.com}

happy 1/2 birthday keane! we're so unbelievably thankful for you. you are an incredible blessing baby boy. 

and you are so so loved!


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