saturday we had an unexpectedly eventful day. we decided to walk to dunkin' donuts for breakfast, which was a fun little outing. then, as keane was taking his morning nap, we decided that a hike would be a lot of fun.

so, seeing as we had planned to buy a baby hiking pack before our trip out west - yosemite kind of requires one in our humble opinion - we thought we might as well head to rei and purchase one so we could try it out a few times before our trip.

so yes, at the start of the day we had zero plans. and we ended up doing about a six mile hike with a baby in a backpack.

keane enjoyed himself pretty thoroughly. the only time he got fussy was when it was time for him to eat...
we try to keep it real in our family: i pumped in the car in the parking lot so we could get started on our hike. we stopped when he got fussy and fed him a bottle, some rice cereal, and changed his diaper just as a group was passing us. HA! got to love it.

he also fell asleep for a little bit while he was in the pack too. so stinkin' cute!

anyway, here are some pictures.

hope you had a fantastic weekend!



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