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a few weeks ago i came across a blog post on one of my favorite blogs, and she more or less listed some things that her readers may not know about her. the randoms. i thought it was a fun little endeavor, and thus, here are some of my randoms:

  • i once got into a spitting match with two dolphins. i went swimming with the dolphins in the florida keys one year, and one part of it was to do something that they will copy, and do back. most people waved, or turned in circles. i spit. 
  • i have over 100 pairs of shoes. i just don't get rid of them, and i enjoy many different activities, so this is all-inclusive. but still, i think it embarrasses peter.
  • when my brother and i were in elementary school we used to pretend that we had 18 other brothers and sisters. all of us were either twins or triplets, and we had names for everyone. 
  • i wear watches even when i know the batteries are dead. to me watches are partially practical, and partially jewelry. even if the practical side doesn't work, the style still can.
  • it took peter about a month to figure out he wanted to marry me. it took me six weeks to figure out i wanted to marry him. eleven+ years later, here we are.
  • of all the places i've visited in my life, i miss france the most. 
  • one of the dreams peter and i have for our family is to live in another country for a few months or more when our children are teenagers. 
  • some days when keane and i are just going to be at home all day, i don't change out of my pajamas. and i don't change him out of his.
  • sometimes i wear fake glasses. they make me feel smarter.  in recent years i've figured out that i think i actually do need glasses, i just haven't gotten them yet.
  • it's often close to lunchtime by the time i finish my morning coffee. the microwave and i are good friends on days like these.
  • as a little girl i was pretty shy, and even though i'm a little bit more extroverted than introverted i still have a tough time walking up to random people and introducing myself.
  • i'm very much a night owl, even now that we have keane. this became obvious to me, yet again, as i stayed up until 1 a.m. two nights in a row while we were in pittsburgh. in my defense i was in the middle of a book…
  • i'm not as good as i would like to be at taking the time to experiment. for instance, i like cooking, but i hate when something doesn't turn out well. it feels like a waste of time and money instead of time spent making something that will be easily improved the next time. 
  • i legitimately enjoy exercising. i may not enjoy every single second of it, but i always get mad at myself when i don't make the effort to fit it in. 
  • i would love to be a published writer, but every time i think about that i always wonder what the heck i would write about. 

& happy wednesday


  1. No. 3 is my favorite...just because for YEARS Sandra and Reuben have shared an imaginary friend named "Geuben." They have more or less given it up (especially Sandra), but just this past week, he came up again in conversations. He was so much a part of our family that some of our kids friends have even referred to or asked about him!!

    1. such a great story, melanie! too cute :o)


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