it's official. as of monday i moved up an age bracket. the big 3-0. it's funny though, at the end of the day, it's not really that big.

remember when you were a kid, and "big" birthdays meant something changed? like when you turn 5 and you get to go to kindergarten; or you become a teenager, get to drive, get to vote, or get to drink. big birthdays usually meant something changed. something happened as a result of your birthday.

but anymore, that's not true. [at least not until you start getting senior benefits, but i'm quite a ways from that…]

anyway, it' just funny to me that as you get older age really becomes less relevant. it's really only as relevant as you make it. if you act old, and make excuses based on age then you'll probably show your age earlier - in a way it makes you age faster. but you can be a mature, responsible adult without being old.

in many ways, age is a state of mind.

so what did i do for my birthday? well, the whole weekend was a kind of birthday celebration, but on the day itself peter did something pretty great:

each one of those sticky notes has a time on it, and meant that from 8:00 a.m. til 10:00 p.m. i got some kind of gift every hour.

some of them were things like: not having to change any diapers for the day, or peter cleaning up after dinner, or going to the pool for a couple hours as a family. some of them were kindle books, gift cards, flowers, a shirt, and tickets to a concert. one of my favorites was talking about decorations for the new house for an entire hour. 

this may seem strange to you, but as a favor to my husband we hadn't been talking much about the new house. we have had a lot to do here, and he didn't think his mood would be terribly favorable if i kept bringing up all kinds of work he'd have to do once we moved. but over the course of an hour on monday i broke out my notebook and pinterest board, and showed him the vast majority of my ideas. [btw, if you'd like to see my pinterest board(s) too you can follow me via the link on the left sidebar. just in case you're terribly curious!]

we had bacon and sweet pea risotto for dinner, which was pretty delicious, and some carrot cake for dessert. all in all, it was a pretty great day!

i know a couple days is not necessarily indicative of the whole year, but thus far 30 has been fantastic. and with all of the wonderful things happening in the next few months [let alone the next 12], i'm rather stoked about this year. 

oh, and soon i'll show you some before and after pictures of our nearly completed master bathroom redo. until then, here are some pictures of keane helping us out around the house *wink*

happy wednesday!


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