one thing at a time

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ok, cards on the table. i'm really tired right now. and really frustrated.

our house hasn't sold yet. we still haven't had an offer despite lots of showings, and lots of interest. we have more than a few projects remaining at the new house, and some of them can't even come close to being tackled until we actually have the vast majority our stuff in it. of course that cannot happen if the other one hasn't sold because it has to remain staged for potential buyers.

i know that two and a half weeks is not a really long time to have a house on the market without an offer, but the fact of the matter is that houses in our neighborhood have been going like hotcakes. every single one that had come on the market for the last few months went under contract within a week.

so yes, two and a half weeks later i'm really really frustrated.

my exhaustion grows because there is always some other project to be done. my frustration grows because we are rapidly moving toward adelle's arrival and i'm not sure i'm going to have a working master bathroom at that point.

i think you all know that i'm not all that patient generally. i'm horribly impatient when it comes to house projects and decorating - more so than my usual impatience - and now i'm also nesting.

it has been a long couple of weeks, and unfortunately the closer we get to little miss' due date the less sure i am that i'll be getting any break at all from now until she's a few months old - if she's a good sleeper, that is.

i know we can only take care of one thing at a time. i know that worrying about it isn't going to help. i know all that, really. i know. but holy cow, thinking about it? thinking about it makes me want to cry. it makes me want to curl up in a ball [on the mattress on the floor that i've been sleeping on so we can leave our house staged...] and cry. and sleep for a couple days.

of course what makes matters worse is that keane is going through the transition of moving so his sleep patterns have been less than stellar. it's like we're traveling even though we're "home". we're home even though it doesn't feel like home yet.

anyway. we've just had a lot going on for the past couple weeks, and i feel like i'm starting to break. and i'm getting larger and more uncomfortable at the same time. so, yeah, life is great in some senses. things are moving in the right direction, but man alive, they're simultaneously moving too quickly and too slowly.

we could all use your prayers.
please and thank you.



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