one L & an update

ohmygoodness. ok. i've not exactly been great about updating lately. apologies! so, today we're going to have a quick story time and then an update on life. ahem. a quick update on life.

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commence story time:
so. a little while ago i let you in on what our daughter's name will be. after the fact i realized that i unintentionally spelled her name wrong, and not only that, but have been spelling it incorrectly since we started talking about naming her.

i always thought that peter's gran spelled her middle name with two Ls. adelle. why? you ask. fair question. here's the answer:

quite a few years ago now i remember visiting gran, and noticing her college diploma hanging in the office at her house. the name on her college diploma read as follows: marion adelle.

the funny part about this is that when we received the message that gran spells her middle name: adele, not adelle, i told peter's mom the story of the diploma, and where our spelling of gran's middle name came from.

gran went and checked her diploma and it turns out i remembered it accurately. so, a few years after gran graduated from college she discovered [or quite possibly rediscovered] that her name is spelled wrong on her diploma.

all that to say that baby girl's name is still adele jane, the spelling is just: adele, not adelle.

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and here's the rest:
we officially went under contract on our house a week ago. [woot! woot!] and we're one month and one day from adele's scheduled birth-day. oh, and we close on the old house one month from today. as in, we'll go close on the house, and then i'll go to my pre-op appointment[s] for the c-section. nothing like cutting it close!

our backyard fence is going in next week, and we met with a couple contractors this week to re-do our bathroom. in all likelihood the bathroom demo and reno will start when we're at the hospital having adele. 

there are still quite a few projects that need to happen before adele's arrival, and even more that have moved into our "ongoing projects" category. i have realized that it will likely take a couple of years before we have completed all of the projects we've set out to do, and i'm trying to be okay with that...

what else is going on? keane is growing like a weed and saying more and more. he loves reading books, climbing the stairs, saying hi and buh-bye to random people, going to the playground, going for walks on the greenway, going to the pool - or the "wawa", being outside in general, exploring and figuring out how things work, watching dora [but asks to watch "boots" and is generally restricted to one show a day], and generally making his opinion known on all subjects.

that's it in a nutshell!

happy friday!


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