snowstorm + virus

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yesterday was the first morning i've been up at my "normal" time since last thursday. all thanks to a horrible virus that just wouldn't let go. it reared its ugly head last wednesday in what i thought was a fluke.

on that day peter got adele up in the morning and discovered puke all over her bed. but she seemed fine, and hungry, and basically like her normal self, so we didn't worry much about it. we stayed home wednesday, of course, but with no other incidents we proceeded as usual on thursday.

then, on thursday we went to pick up keane from preschool. his eye had been a little goopy for some reason, and his teacher mentioned it as he got in the car. {to this day, i have no idea what it was because it never turned red, or got itchy, or seemed to bother him at all. just a bunch of eye goop.} i pulled forward in car line, and as i got out to buckle him into his seat; he threw up.

right there in the car, no less than 60 seconds after he left preschool, and he threw up. poor kid.
besides spitting up as a baby he had never really thrown up in all of his life.

we made it home, and in the door, and then he started throwing up in the entryway, and all over the bathroom before it actually started getting into the toilet. i cleaned him and the bathroom up, managed to get adele in bed for her nap, and got him ready to try to sleep. then i started cleaning up inside, outside in the car, and throwing laundry in the washing machine. i had to send a few messages as to my now-defunct afternoon plans. and just after that i started feeling woozy. just after keane woke up needing to throw up some more, and throwing up the water i had just gotten him to drink... i started throwing up too.

thankfully peter could head home a little bit early to take care of us, but then he started throwing up an hour or so after he got home.

that is when i was reminded what a blessing it is that nana & papa live so close, and can come over in an emergency and put your kids to bed, so you can stay in bed next to your puke bucket.

by friday all of the throwing up stopped, and the snowstorm had moved in for the weekend.

peter and keane recovered fairly quickly, and adele didn't have any more issues when the rest of us were sick, but yesterday was the first day i felt basically normal from the word "go." it was the first day i even started out with coffee since sunday - and sunday's brew ended up largely left over.

you know i don't feel well when i abandon coffee!

anyway, charlotte is finally recovering from the snow & ice storm that moved through on friday and saturday. though it did make me laugh that it was close to 60 degrees tuesday, and yet the students still didn't have school due to ice on the roads.

granted, i did have to go ice skating on the driveway to get myself and the kids in the car. and i'm not going to lie - at one point the driveway won.

anyway, i'm thankful that the virus seems to be gone from our house. personally i'd be okay with more snow and more cold {just no more ice}. but i think this town would fully and completely shut down if that happened.

as it was i heard a story about one lady grabbing 15 loaves of bread the day before the storm moved through. fifteen loaves of bread! that may have been a bit of an overreaction. just a smidgen.

i think it's funny that after the storm moved through i've heard more and more people talking about the spring, and how they can't wait for spring. i just laugh because it's still january, and we had a couple days with snow on the ground - followed by a 60* day, no less.

i'm not quite ready for spring. i feel like we've hardly had winter yet. and i'm one of those weird people who actually like winter, and not just at christmas.

when else do i get to wear all of my many sweaters?

anyway, i hope you are enjoying your winter wherever you are - sans sickness that is.



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