weekend ramblings

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i love when peter has friday off. everything feels much more relaxed, and even if the week is absolutely crazy i feel like i can breathe through it because the light at the end of the tunnel is that much closer.

this past weekend was no exception. peter had friday off, and i spent 90% of the kids' nap-time on friday reading a book. and finishing said book. a book that i started on thursday night. i rarely get to do that anymore, but i couldn't put it down. i have a whole post brewing that's all and only about that book because i recommend it that much.

besides the fact that i am still mulling over ideas shared in the last two books i read, i'm also remembering why i love reading so much. and the task-oriented side of me is pretty ecstatic that i get to check off my two books for january, and get ahead of the game for february since soccer season unofficially starts this week.

we're about to get into a crazy time of year. basically we've had our two week break to get back to life after the holidays, and now the fun of soccer season starts.

this weekend peter and i got to go out on a date, and spent all of our time talking about various things and ideas without interruption which was quite wonderful. we go on dates fairly regularly, but when life gets busy and we're worn out we don't always take the time to plan them. that's one thing that we want to change this year. we're trying to be much more purposeful about going on dates regularly.

we're trying to be purposeful and intentional in general because life takes us in all kinds of directions if we're not purposeful and intentional. it's kind of annoying, really. it's annoying that we have to be that heads up, and our lives will dissolve into chaos if we're not careful. but it's true nonetheless. the things that are easy to fall into are rarely the things that are really good. the really good things take work.

one of the other things we talked about this weekend is being more intentional about getting individual time for both of us. peter is definitely an introvert, and i'm borderline introvert/extrovert, so we both need some alone time to decompress.

peter was kind enough to give me some alone time yesterday afternoon, and i went shopping for a little bit by myself - it was so.very.nice. and i mean that. it was nice. because normally when i go shopping i have two beautiful little miracles with me. and while they're generally really good while we're shopping there's also a feeling hanging over the trip that says: this could derail at any moment.

of course the end of the night last night did not end up quite so well as i would've liked. my team lost. granted, with the injuries sustained on our team over the past few weeks i wasn't shocked. it was more that we really could've won. i knew we could've won going into it, and when the game turned out that way - that we really could've won, but didn't - that made it hard to watch the end.

after the kids went to bed i wanted something sweet after a bitter ending to the game and the season, so peter found me in the kitchen dipping graham crackers into a can of funfetti frosting.

yes, really.

it was delicious.
so gross, and so bad for me, and all the rest. but still - delicious.

he walked around the corner, and i just looked at him and said, "yes this is happening right now; don't judge me." and he started laughing and said "you've been judged." and we both just stood there and laughed at the ridiculousness that was happening.

because sometimes in life you just have to laugh at the ridiculousness.

i hope you had a chance to laugh at something ridiculous this weekend. and wherever you are in life right now, i hope you can find time to laugh. because some things are just ridiculous.



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