dear joanna,

{via pinterest from southern living}

this seems like a really silly note to write. so silly in fact that it has tumbled around in my head for about a month, and i don't really even want to write it, but it's nagging me and won't leave me alone. so, here it is.

i am not writing it because i think i have anything helpful to tell you. i don't think there's much wisdom that i can provide for you that you haven't heard before.

i am not writing to tell you that i love fixer upper, or you and chip together, or that i love your style, and think we could actually be friends in real life. all of those things are true, but i'm not writing this because of any of those reasons.

i am writing this because i want to tell you that i pray for you regularly.
that probably sounds a little strange.
let me explain.

you guys are a great couple as far as i can tell. you are a godly example of what it means to live in the spotlight, but in a way that is not specifically and obviously ministry. you are in the spotlight though, and that means you have a target on your back.

i don't know what it's like to be in your position, and i won't pretend i do. but i'm guessing that the spotlight can blind at times. if it hasn't yet, it may tomorrow.
and that is why i pray for you.

i pray that you and chip will continue to have a strong marriage. that you will have strong accountability. i pray for your family. i pray that you will continue to be yourselves, and not feel like you constantly need to be your personas. i pray that you will get regular time away with your husband, and with your family.

you guys seem like you strike a really good balance. i pray that is not a façade, but continues to be true as your endeavors continue.

i pray that you will be as wise as serpents, and as innocent as doves.

God bless you both.
may you be able to find time to rest in him.
may he continue to use you for his good.



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