today. #10.

today was a great day. and i mean great. peter let me sleep in until almost 9:00. that in and of itself would've made today great. i don't remember the last time i got that much sleep all at one time. it was glorious.

this was a slow-motion sort of day. the kind of day that makes you want to squeeze out every last drop of goodness, and put every moment in that sweet place in your mind that bursts with joy when you leaf back through the pages.

it was also a fantastically rainy day. the high temperature was in the 70s, which is unheard of for labor day weekend around here. it started feeling a bit like fall. {such a tease, but i'll still take it.}

anyway, we spent a good chunk of the morning at the library with the kids. reading. exploring. shushing every 10 seconds. they loved it. they each picked out a few books. peter and i each picked out one. my choice was go set a watchman, which i've wanted to read ever since it was published, so i was pretty stoked. and as long as i don't spend too much time on this little update, i'll get to take some of it in before i go to bed tonight.

then we came home, grabbed lunch, and i sneaked off to the store while the rest of my family napped. i snagged a deliciously scented fall candle, and a brand new mug that happens to capture today perfectly. it's also a good reminder for the days when every moment does not belong in a photo album...

after the kiddos woke up they read and played with daddy while i started on some soft pretzel dough and then dinner. 

we followed up dinner with a walk expressly for puddle jumping, then built a fort in the playroom to read some books and have our snack before bed.

yes, today was a good day. my heart welled up more than a few times at the goodness in my life. i welled up in wonder at the many ways God has provided for me, and for my family.

because today was just a day, yes, but it also happened to be our tenth anniversary.

ten years ago, on another rainy day, we said our vows, and committed our lives to each other. and just like everyone else we've had our struggles and our tears. we've had our blow-up fights. we've had our rough days. but we've also had plenty of days like today. we've had the really really good ones. the knock it out-of-the-park, abby wambach's super clutch header against brazil, crazy-amazing days.

and on either side of the coin, i wouldn't want to do this life with anyone else.

from way back then, until right about now, i am so stinkin' thankful.

i am thankful for the abundance God has given us in this day. i am thankful for the abundance God has given us in this life.

i sincerely hope that your day was just as crazy-amazing as mine.
{if it wasn't, shake it off and remember that tomorrow is a new day,
and His mercies are new every morning.}



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