the small things.

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i actually woke up with my alarm and functioned how i planned this morning. for a while that has been hit or miss thanks first to soccer season, and now to the pens being in the stanley cup finals.

it's a small thing, but a big thing too - to start my day the way i planned.

this morning i'm thinking about the small things. there are a lot of big things we're talking about and thinking about: adoption. coaching next year. renovating part of our house. potential business plans, and what they'd mean for now.

but this morning i'm basking in the glow of one of my all-time favorite candles. it's discontinued, and almost burned out. so i'll enjoy it now.

this morning i'm enjoying the flow of the keystrokes. the background music. the coffee in a mug i found while perusing an antique shop yesterday. i simply couldn't pass up a vintage reese's mug for $2.50. it reminds me so much of grammy.

so many times it's the small things that make a huge difference.

it's the little book of hygge on my nightstand along with some time to read. it's the summer edition of "the magnolia journal." it's the time spent watching my kids become friends, and play together without beating on each other.

it's the few minutes i can steal in a day to go climb the climbing wall peter built for me in the garage. it's snuggling with my kids while reading stories and putting them to bed.

it's the mini succulent garden i recently added in our master bathroom. and experimenting with new dinner ideas that actually turn out.

it's the small things. the appreciating exactly where i am right now in this moment, and not trying to get anywhere else.

because no matter what there are always more things that i want to do. there are always more things to think about. there are always new plans to make. there are always new things to learn, and more places to see.

there are always things i could do better, and {hopefully} always things i could do worse.

but it matters where my focus is.
today i'll focus on the small things, and all the good found in them.

hope you have a great day - filled with good things both big and small.



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