out of sorts

what a weird week. right now i'm hunkered down with a glass of wine watching the academy awards. i like to see the dresses more than anything else - see the people, and hear what they have to say.

it's such a strange juxtaposition. the writers sit next to the a-listers. the geeks who make the movies right next to the actors who make the movies. and much of the night isn't made up of the "exciting" awards, and yet those un-exciting awards are really the awards that push the rest of the industry forward. most people don't really care about cinematography until they're making a movie. it seems like the oscars for all the little things are really the ones that make all the difference.

anyway, this week had been unbelievably strange. i can't believe that one week ago i was on a plane coming back from hawaii. life still has not returned to normal, and i'm not sure it will for a few weeks because there's just too much going on.

i still haven't slept a normal night since we've returned, but i'm getting closer. slow and steady, right? besides, i plan on being incredibly productive tomorrow.

and maybe this time
i actually will be..


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