springing spring

this year spring seems to have obeyed the calendar. the past couple mornings i've noticed a few things that weren't present last week. when i walk outside and take a deep breath the smell of spring fills my lungs. buds have formed on the trees. daffodils sway their yellow heads in the breeze. green grass has replaced the brown. wildflowers are shooting up all over the place.

i'm not quite sure i'm ready for it, but it's so beautiful i seem to forget my un-readiness as soon as i step outside.

i still can't believe the end of march is so close. and easter is right around the corner. i'm starting to get excited about grilling out, and fires in the fire pit, and sitting on the deck at night. the thought of spring cleaning and "digging out" so-to-speak actually excites me as well. we've talked numerous times about cleaning out our shed, and giving it some semblance of order.

today is a good day. despite my lack of productivity this morning, today looking forward rouses my spirit and makes me want to go and do something with my life.

something grand.

will you count me in?


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