oh, the joys...

this morning i rolled out of bed six minutes before my alarm went off. my foggy brain tried to consider the worth of staying up vs. heading to the bathroom and then quickly back to bed.

that's when it hit me. the STENCH. the oh.my.goodness. how could i have slept through it this long? awful, awful SMELL.

yes. this morning i woke up to dog puke. on my white carpet.

oh, the joys of owning an animal whose sport is eating things he shouldn't.

needless to say today did not start out well. the positive in it was the smell prevented me from going back to sleep so i actually got up when i wanted to, and stayed up. granted i needed some coffee almost immediately, but you take what you can get!

those little crappy things have happened more than once in the past couple days...
example: yesterday as i prepared to take a bike ride to trader joe's i realized that i needed to put more air in my bike tires. as i finished pumping up the back tire on my bike and tried to pull the pump off of the tire..."PUH" i pulled the inflation piece out with it and the tire went entirely flat.

i almost cried.

the weather was gorgeous yesterday and all i wanted to do was go for a bike ride. i had to settle for reading on the deck with some green tea. [not too shabby, really.]

last night when peter got home we walked the 1/2 mile to the tennis courts and played a few games. he was having an abnormally bad tennis night, and i was having a pretty good one so we came out about even in the end, which may be the first time that has EVER happened.

i guess it was bound to after almost seven and a half years...

we finished off the evening with some parmesan chicken risotto [w. portobello mushrooms], and a couple episodes of arrested development.

i also decided yesterday that i will [most likely] start training for a marathon beginning at the end of april. the training program i'm looking at is 30 weeks long, but if i train well enough, and meet my current goal, i may [fingers crossed] be able to qualify for boston in my first marathon.

go big or go home, right?

hope this spring weekend
is full of basketball and fun
for you too!


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