20 weeks, and counting...

half.way. 50%. it's all downhill from here. [ok, that last one is a lie.] i can't believe we're halfway already. granted it helps that i've only known for 16 weeks, not 20, but still. half is half.

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this wednesday we have the ultrasound. the jelly on the belly, boy or girl, time to make sure he or she is healthy [prayers are appreciated], start talking about names, start talking about registries, ultrasound.

i'm actually allowing myself to start thinking about names now that we're a mere 48 hours away from the big reveal moment.

no, we haven't started talking about names yet, and here's why: we know ourselves. or, more accurately, peter knows us really well. you see, we are both very opinionated about certain things -- such as what our children's names will be -- and we're both very stubborn. so, part of the reason we are finding out what we're having is so we only have to argue about one name instead of two. the goal is that this arrangement will cut down on our arguing by 50%.

so, thus far, anytime i have brought up any name - and yes, it's always me bringing up names preemptively - peter just reminds me that he will not be completely honest about his opinion of said name until we actually know one way or the other.

granted i won't get to share with you all for a couple months, until after the shower. we are going to share the name prior to birth, we just aren't going to reveal the gender until the shower. [because we're tricky like that.]

i'm more than a little excited for the second half of this journey to start. and of course i can't wait to see the ultrasound pictures. i think i've started to feel movement within the past day or so, but i'm not quite sure it's the baby yet. time will tell.

i have, of course, found many pictures on pinterest pertaining to nurseries and kids. and there are quite a few that i'm excited about, but we'll see whether they work themselves into the actual plan...

here are just a few of my favorites thus far:

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and of course, one of the two of these:

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it still seems crazy to me. exciting, but crazy nonetheless.

i've discovered that this child is a bit partial to coconut flavored anything, ice cream, buffalo chicken, steak, milk, and carrot cake.

i'm trying to eat a lot of fruit and veggies despite the lack of overarching health found on the above list, and for now it seems to be working decently well.

we'll see what happens over the next 4.5 months though...

does today mark a milestone for you?
or is it just another monday?


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