dear babykins,

you're moving around all over the place lately, but you've been kind enough the past couple nights as to let me get some sleep. i'm 100% sure that will not happen once you get here, so i'm very thankful for it now.

i have so many projects lined up for your nursery, and to prepare the house for you. it's crazy that october seems so far away, and yet so very close at the same time. i have no doubt that the next 17 weeks [plus or minus...] will go faster than any others have gone in my life.

and no doubt the following 18 years will fly by more quickly than i think possible now.

the biggest question i have at this point hasn't changed - who will you be? who has God created you to be? what will your strengths and talents be? what parts of me will you get? what parts of your daddy will you get? and how in the world will we ever cope with the ridiculously stubborn nature you'll inherit from both of us?

where will life take us? all three of us, and whoever your brothers and sisters turn out to be...
it's unbelievable to know, to know, that in a few months i won't be able to imagine my life without you. i'll scarcely remember a time when you didn't exist. the same will be true of your brothers and sisters once they arrive too, of course, but it's crazy to think about now...

it's crazy to think about any of it now, since a few short months ago, i thought where i sit now would never happen. would never be possible.

we're going to register for you tonight! though we've already been blessed by several of your grandparents [and yes, you have a number of them] with some big important gifts. do you want to see them?

of course you do [*wink*]

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yes, you're so blessed already. so so blessed. we all are.

i'm so excited to be your mama, and i'm excited to see what all God has in store for our family. but for both of our sakes - all of our sakes - that can't be all i am. just like being our child won't be all you are.

i love you little one.

your mama


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