life as of late

well good morning! it has been quite a while since i updated my little blogger, but that is just due to traveling and summertime. 

how have you been these past few weeks?

life has been a bit crazy here, but it has been decidedly good to us as well. we spent a long weekend at the lake, reading, swimming, kayaking, and relaxing. then peter left for a work trip, and i headed off to indiana to visit two of my friends for a week.

when these adventures began it was early june, and when i returned we had made it almost to the end of it. 

in the midst of all of it i've started to look pregnant - actually pregnant, instead of just paunchy. babykins has also been moving like crazy. and i can no longer sleep on my stomach, which has been kind of a rough transition, but it's getting better.

it's crazy that we're 23 weeks into an adventure that will last the rest of our lives. we'll be registering soon! and like a good control-freak i have already made a pretty extensive list of what needs to go on the registry. we're trying to take a minimalist approach, but my goodness, kids need a lot! [i know, i know, tip of the iceberg.]

the house is also a bit in shambles since we're in the midst of a bunch of projects, and have started moving some things around, but haven't added replacements, or taken enough trips to goodwill yet. oh, well. patience is a virtue, right?

in other news, i've also decided to make some changes with regards to turquoise and plum. i need to reduce inventory to accommodate said changes, which means [shameless plug] over half of the shop is currently on SALE. [and yes, i do think you should go check it out...]

i hope summertime has been treating you and yours well, but just in case it hasn't check out these fabulous summertime recipes from cupcakes and cashmere. i have a feeling that indulging in any one of them would brighten your day a bit! personally, i can't wait to try every single one!

i hope you can excuse my slight schizo nature today - it's just that so much has happened lately that i haven't had a chance to write about.

i'll do my best to be a better blogger for the rest of the summer!

happy hump-day!


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