so i'm a little behind with all of the thankful posts - but i blame my newest blessing for that! [and i mean blame in the best possible way.]

this week keane met his entire extended family on his dad's side, and spent quite a bit of time being passed from one loving person to the next.

i am thankful for my family, both my husband and my son. [and bexley too]

for new life.
for a strong and healthy little boy.

for extended family that still gets together, and enjoys each other's company on both sides of the family.
for stuffing, and pumpkin pie. and coffee. we mustn't forget the coffee.
for times in life that are worth celebrating.

i am thankful for sleep. i don't get as much of it right now, but i am very thankful for it when it comes.

i am thankful for these small, quiet moments when i can process my thoughts.
moments to study the face of my sleeping baby, and try to commit his tiny nose, and fingers, and toes to memory, so even when he's a teenager, or on his wedding day, i'll still be able to see my sweet little boy.

and how sweet he is!
i'm so in love i can hardly stand it.



  1. I just couldn't begin to express how happy I am for you and Peter. This wasn't me beginning to--this was just a weak, pre-expression of a billionth of what I feel. Every conversation leading up to the picture of your son, warms my heart. I thank God for blessing you and your husband.

    1. hey! good to hear from you - thanks for leaving a note :o) hope you're doing well!


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