what's in a decade?

a decade ago yesterday, i was just a college freshman coming to the end of my inaugural soccer season at grove city.

but by the end of the next day - november 3, 2002 - i had gone on my first date with the man i love.

a lot has happened in the last ten years. we both finished college, we got engaged, i moved cities, we got married. we've moved houses multiple times, grown as individuals and as a couple. we've each changed jobs, we've lost family members, gained family members, lost a baby. we've kept in touch with some friends, and lost track of others. we've had knock-down drag-out fights. we've had amazing days, dates, conversations, trips, meals, and so much more.

we've had a lot of challenges in our first ten years - some we never dreamed we'd have to deal with - but i also never dreamed i could love someone so much.

somehow it seems fitting that our ten year first date-iversary would fall during the same week as the birth of our son.

i am so very glad my son can look up to, and emulate, the wonderful dad he's been given.

thank you for being my best friend,
my rock, and the love of my life.

here's to the next ten.

and the next,

and the next, and the next, 
and the next...


  1. You guys are just beaming in every single picture I see of you. It looks like you can just hardly contain yourselves. :) So excited along with you for this beginning to "the next ten."


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