seven years and counting.

seven years ago yesterday i married my best friend. the love of my life then, now, and for our whole future. time flies, and i'm just as excited now as i was then to spend the rest of my life with him.

we have been through a lot in the last seven years. the good. the bad. the ugly. and i am so thankful that he still loves me just as much now as he did then.

it's crazy to think back to seven years ago both in our lives, and in terms of where the world was then. in our lives we were just starting to figure out life after college. i was adapting to a new city. we dreamt of what our life would be one day. we talked definitively about the kids we would have. [infertility did not play into our plans.] we talked about the life we would have, the house in which we'd live. we talked about work, ambitions, who we would become - individually, and as a couple.

some of those things changed by virtue of necessity, some because they were out of our control, and some because we have changed, shifted, and grown as people.

others though, have remained the same. steadfastly, strongly, unchanged.

peter and i talked yesterday as we drove back from dinner about how much just our little area of the city has changed since then. shopping centers that thrived then are dead or dying now. roads have changed, new buildings built.

though 2006 does not seem terribly long ago in many respects, it's crazy to think about it in terms of what was happening in the world. george w bush was in the white house, the housing bubble had not yet burst, the iphone had not made its debut [nor the ipad, or tablets in general...], blu-ray was first introduced, and my steelers won their fifth ring - that elusive one for the thumb - and became the first six seed to ever win a super bowl.

it was the year when twelve coal miners lost their lives in west virginia, which sparked a debate about safety throughout the nation. and when a man walked into an amish schoolhouse and killed five girls, and himself.

the tsa also introduced us to the 3-1-1 rule for taking liquids onto planes, and arnold schwarzenegger was still california's governor.

peter and i traveled to europe and hawaii together, we bought furniture, set up our apartment, and started our life together as a married couple. he also suffered through some really terrible meals.

we each got used to new family traditions, and started a couple of our own.

and now, seven years later we're beginning to pass on those traditions to the next generation.

eleven years after first laying eyes on a guy named peter, i find myself forever grateful for my best friend, my husband, and the father of my child. we may be getting old, but i'm glad i get to grow old with you!

p.s. i couldn't help but add this video. he looks like a little drunken sailor at the end, but he LOVES his rocking horse :o)



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