pulling teeth

writing today is like pulling teeth. the words swim around in my brain unwilling to form sentences. unwilling to complete a thought before continuing on to the next one. i try to write, and i start and stop so much it seems like i'm a child who cannot yet form words. i drop my head in my hands because they simply will not come. try as i might i'm stuck. blocked.

trying to write is hardest when you have something to say, but cannot form the words to say it.

experience is surely the greatest of teachers, but writing is trying to show an experience - to experience an experience without having to actually experience it. and when i read back over something and it's nothing like the actual experience it's utterly maddening.

writing through writer's block is a painful experience - and reading the writing written amidst writer's block is possibly worse.

but the only way to get better is to push on through, because anyone can have moments of greatness. or as peter and i like to say -- even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes. in order to excel at something you have to keep pushing growth when it's hard. anyone can get while the getting is good. only the good can get when it's not. and the only way to get to the good is to grunt and push and trudge through the crap.

i found this quote on pinterest, and it is possibly the only thing keeping me going right now:

{via self esteem boosters}
everyone wants to do something with their life. everyone wants to make a difference, but it's hard to make a difference. it's hard to do something worth doing. anyone can do something easy. anyone can start something, but do you continue on when it's hard? do you push through when it hurts? or do you quit?

the hard is what makes it great. truly great things are great in part because they are hard.

we come into this world with the innate understanding that we have to get up and keep trying when we fail. if this were not the case none of us would learn to walk. we would still be crawling along the ground, because crawling is much more stable than standing up on two legs - just ask keane. he'll tell you. [ok, so he'll babble nonsense, but the tears that come after he topples over speak for themselves.]

but he keeps trying. he still wants to stand, and walk, and test the waters. but he is not content to crawl. none of us were content to simply crawl. we all have that innate determination, and over the course of our lives it dies sometimes. how much better could life be if we wiped away the tears, got back up, and tried again? every time. without fail.

push through.
stop quitting.



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