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at about 9:10 tonight i went to the store and bought some rainbow sherbet. because i really really wanted it. doesn't make sense, i know. does it sound more understandable if i say the baby really wanted it? probably. but the truth is, i'm sure i had a little something to do with it too.

anyway, yes, i sat on the couch reading articles and flipping through facebook, all the while salivating every time my brain thought back to rainbow sherbet. which, in all fairness, was about every 5 seconds. i know i have laser-like focus when it comes to certain things, and now i apparently need to add rainbow sherbet to that list.

i'm also apparently a bit stingy when it comes to my ice cream preferences because i bought said rainbow sherbet with my own pocket money, and i informed peter of this when i brought it home.

"this is my rainbow sherbet, and i may let you have some, but i just want you to know that it's mine. i bought it with my money."

being the great husband that he is he didn't argue with my craziness, he just chuckled a bit and said he'd lay off of it.

gotta love hormones… actually, scratch that, i'm pretty sure that's just how i feel about ice cream.

anyway, in other pregnancy news i really wanted to buy a skirt today. i came across a cute one that i really liked and hadn't seen replicated in every store window. and i thought about all of the things i could wear it with this summer [ahem] next year. such a cute high-waisted a-line skirt. which wouldn't fit with the baby bump, and even if it did would probably make me look like i was having triplets.

why is it that when other women are pregnant it's so easy to talk about how cute they look with the bump, but when it's you, all you can think is -- i look like a whale -- ? anybody know? anyone? [bueller?]

ok, so it probably has to do with being your own worst critic, and everything always seems like it's more noticeable when it's happening to you. yada, yada, yada.

pregnancy is wonderfully fantastic and miraculous and amazing and incredibly humbling on so many levels.

i mean, why is it that all you want is to get pregnant - all you want is to add to your family - all you want is to go through the crazy journey to bring a baby into this world, and once it happens suddenly all you want is a double espresso, some sushi, and a gin & tonic [or even just a glass of wine…].

because the grass seems greener on the other side.

at the end of the day i wouldn't give up this little person to wear cuter clothes, or to drink my coffee how i'd like to, or to knock back just one little g&t. it's not even a question.

in some ways i can't wait until this little person debuts, but it's not because of the clothes, or the drinks. i can't wait to meet this little person because i can't wait to find out who he/she is. i can't wait for keane to be a big brother. i can't wait for our family to experience what it's missing without this child in it. i am so excited to know this baby. this little person.

the journey to most places worth going takes a little while, and getting there is rarely the easiest thing you've ever done. and i'm going to do my best to remember that while this little baby, and my belly, continue to grow…



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