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i'm a borderline extrovert. for the longest time i thought i was definitely more extrovert than introvert, but now i'm not so sure. i get energy from time with others sometimes - if it's the right people, and other times i crave solitude and time to think. time to journal and write and read and run. i need those times to stop, breathe, and regroup. get my mind right, so-to-speak.

today i am reminded that i walk the line between introvert and extrovert. this morning i craved time out of the house, so keane and i went shopping. i wanted to go to two specific stores, and only purchased two things. but on the way home i couldn't wait to curl up for a couple hours writing and reading.

it's funny though, the more i read, the more i want to read, and the more i write, the more i want to write. the more i read, the more time i want to spend extracting all i can from the books at my disposal. the more i write the more i want to be better at the craft, to add something real to the world with my words instead of simply adding to the noise.

days like this calm my soul. they fill me up instead of emptying me.
of course, every day cannot be like today, and i wouldn't want that anyway.

ebbs and flows are simply a part of life.

part of today being what it is stems from the fact that spring seems to have really arrived. now is the time of year when i've forgotten that summer lasts forever down here, and the warmer temps of spring have not yet given way to their obtrusive summer counterparts. times like now you can walk outside and take a deep breath to breathe in the spring - breathe it in to your depths. [and subsequently try not to breathe in all the pollen…]

it is a day for an old-school sweatshirt with pushed up sleeves, a jersey maxi skirt, and delicate jewels. a day that screams ease.

today pulls out different pieces of me. it makes me long for days to cook, days to redecorate, days to get back into running [really running, which won't happen until the fall]. it makes me wonder about the child growing inside me who is making him/herself more and more known with each passing day. it makes me thankful for the wonderful little boy we get to call our son. days like today make me want to write more about this life because i'm reminded how grateful i am for it. for all the parts that make it up, for all the people i am surrounded by, for all of the pieces that enable this life to be what it is.

i hope you're grateful today too.

much love.


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