to my littlest munchkin:

well hello today, baby girl. i'm still trying to adapt to knowing that you're a growing, healthy little girl because i really had no idea whether you were a boy or girl until your ultrasound yesterday. you were such a stinker - super active, and moving all over the place.

how has your day been today? could you feel your big brother climbing all over you? i try to keep his little knees and elbows from poking you, but he doesn't quite understand that you're in there yet. he has started pointing to my belly and saying "baby," and most of the time he wants to lift up my shirt to actually "see" you. of course, he may just think that "baby" means belly button. i guess time will tell.

you've been moving around quite a bit recently. i don't know if your brother was as active at this stage as you are or not, because with him i wasn't sure if what i was feeling were baby movements or not, but with you i know they are. and some days you've been bouncing your little self off of the walls in there.

i restrained myself enough to only purchase one thing for you yesterday, which will most likely be what you wear home from the hospital.

i was so excited that it wasn't all pink. in fact, if there were more non-crazy-pink things at target, i probably would've purchased more. i just can't do the over-the-top pink thing for you. not yet. if that's what you want to wear when you start picking out clothes, then i will jump on board, okay? but not yet. for now we'll shop at places like old navy, whose website i just looked up. they have numerous not-all-pink options. it's not that i don't want you to have any pink, just not all pink, and not frou-frou. i'm just not frou-frou enough to make you frou-frou.

i am going to have to get you more pairs of shoes than your brother has had though. it's just going to happen. i already know...

everyone has already started asking about names, and i have one picked out. i have for a while, but i'm not sure your dad is on board. for his sake i won't share it, but sometimes i call you by it already, so we'll see what happens!

everything about this pregnancy still seems kind of surreal, although i think it did with your brother too. i can't believe we're already halfway. that makes your impending arrival even closer than i think i realize. since you're coming via c-section that means that in less than 20 weeks, you'll be here.

i know that spring is just starting to fully bloom, so thinking about late summer like it's almost here is rather ludicrous in some senses, but in reality it's just not that far away.

the one thing that i'm really excited for over the rest of this pregnancy is for keane to be able to feel your kicks and movements and wiggles. if you stay as active as you are now it probably won't take long for that to happen.

i love you, little one.

your mama


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