a house is a house

i realize that i've been a bit lax about updating my little blogger as of late, but not for lack of trying! it's just that every time i've sat down over the course of the past week or so i somehow end up pulling up pinterest and looking at house stuff. it has become a reflex of sorts.

last week we had an offer accepted on a house. we weren't looking for very long, and we had pretty narrow parameters for our search, so when we found this one the whole process went pretty quickly. now the big challenge is getting our current house completely ready to put on the market ASAP since the plan is to close on the new house in about 30 days.

yes, we're a little bit crazy. i mean, why not attempt to sell a house, buy a house, and fix up the new house all during the last half of a pregnancy? makes perfect sense to me…

in all seriousness though, we weren't quite sure we would find anything. we weren't "forced" to move now - we could have made this house work for a little longer. we just knew we'd have to move within the next couple of years, and figured we might find something that would work now while we could still be really picky.

so, for the past few days i've not only thought through the staging of our current house, but have also started thinking through how i want to decorate every nook and cranny of the new house.

of course peter does not want to focus on the new house until we can actually do anything about it [he's very logical that way], so i've written down most of my ideas in a notebook so i can bombard him with all my ideas once the time comes.

pinterest's home decor section has become my favorite way to lose sleep.

anyway, life has been pretty crazy since soccer season is still going on, and we've been churning through all of this house stuff.

the next few months will continue the craziness for our family, but getting this chaos out of the way now will make things easier later on, so at this point i think it's worth it. [ask me again when i'm 8 ½ months pregnant - hopefully i'll tell you the same!]

here are some of my favorite pinterest finds in case you were wondering. they may or may not figure into our new house, but they are favorites nonetheless.

{found via pinterest}
something similar for the bonus room

{found via pinterest}
i've always loved a good tub!

{found via pinterest}
a stencil may come into play in our kitchen
in lieu of a backsplash.
this is just the jump-off point.

{found via pinterest}
just genius.

so there are just a very small portion of my many many ideas. i'll try to remember to take some good before and after photos when we get to that point!

happy wednesday!


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