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august happened upon us today though it feels less like august outside than ever. truthfully, i cannot say ringing in august with a 73 degree day and rain launching from the clouds disappoints me when it could be 105 degrees as it has been in the past.

i don't think my just-shy-of-36-weeks belly could take the 100+ degree temps this year.

baby boy slept until close to 10 this morning. of course that could have something to do with the weather and the fact that he woke and woke and woke last night despite taking zero nap yesterday [not for lack of crib time...]. so i took my bonus time to catch up on project runway, paint my nails, and have a bit of a writing binge since i haven't had much time to put pen to paper, or keystrokes to screen lately.

we still have a lot to do before adele comes. we're making progress, but our checklist still intimidates me a bit. so, waking up to the "welcome to august 1" calendar this morning created a wonderful opportunity for deep breathing.

most women start to pray for the baby to come a little early at this point in their pregnancy. me? i'm praying she stays put until the 26th. like, no braxton-hicks, no contractions, nothing.

of course if keane's process is any indication of adele's then i have nothing to worry about in that department, but as my doctor says -- every pregnancy is different.

the biggest difference between her pregnancy and his thus far? i know she'll actually be born in the same month as her due date despite the fact that her original due date was august 30th.

i'm not going to lie, thinking about having two kids outside the womb makes me a bit panicky some days. keane is a great kid. he's so so so much fun, and i love him to pieces. but, like any toddler [or person, really] he has his days. those days when i want to pull out my hair whilst simultaneously screaming into a pillow. you know those days. all parents of toddlers know those days. they just happen. no matter who you are, or how you're attempting to raise your kid[s]. they happen. and they suck. really and truly.

so the thought of having two kids under two... well, it makes me think - what the h were we thinking??

thankfully this thinking only lasts for a short while before the gratefulness overpowers it. we are thankful. we are excited. intimidated? a bit, yes. but at the end of the day we also know that this time shall pass, and we don't want to miss it.

it's so easy to get caught up and held back by the little things. it happens to me at least once a day if i'm being really honest. ok, saying it only happens once a day is actually being generous, but you know what i mean.

a whole series of small things make up this life we live, but getting caught up on any one of them kind of sets us up to get screwed. life never turns out how you thought it would. hopefully it's better at the end of the day, but even if where you are is not better that doesn't mean it won't get better. all too often i let myself get stuck and wallow. it does no one any good. no one.

hmm... pardon my philosophical side. the cloudy, rainy day brought it out, and i haven't managed to put it away yet.

anyway, the cloudy, rainy, cooler than normal day also has me thinking about fall. i know that wishing away the rest of the summer seems [ok, is] counter to what i said earlier about not wishing time away, but i just love fall so much it's hard for me to wait for it! plus, by the time we get to the fall having two kids will be much more normal than it seems now! so, while i refuse to actually wish away the next couple weeks and months, i also eagerly anticipate fully settling into our new house, and being a family of four.

while there are many reasons why i don't want time to speed up and speed past me - i want to enjoy these last four weeks with keane, i want to accomplish more than a few more projects before adele gets here, i want to actually have our old house fully packed up and moved over - i also have much to look forward to. more than anything i'm excited to meet the little girl who has been poking, prodding, and stretching my belly for these last few months. i'm excited for fall sports, for keane's second birthday [though i still cannot believe he's turning 2], for the temps to consistently be more like today, to fit into normal clothes, to watch my sis-in-law get married; and so many other great things coming down the pike.

welcome to august, friends!



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