welcome to the world, baby girl!

we made it home from the hospital yesterday. we asked to come home a little earlier than normal, and since everything checked out medically; they let us.

we're slowly adjusting to life as a family of four - with a lot of help from peter's parents!

she's already proved herself very different from her brother, even though she came out looking quite a lot like him. there will be more stories to come over the next days [and weeks and years], but suffice it to say that we're adjusting to parenthood all over again.

we love this little girl big! keane is slowly figuring her out, and i'm sure there will be lots of great stories on that front too. tonight he leaned his face in to kiss her goodnight while she was sleeping in her little swing. thankfully it wasn't swinging at the time, or he would have received a bonk on the head for his trouble. he's still learning the meaning of "gentle" and that she can't actually play with him and his toys yet, but he likes showing her his toys whether she's actually awake to look at them or not.

anyway, i don't have the pictures off of the good camera yet, but here are a few hospital shots of our sweet little adele jane.



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