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this morning i woke up around 7:35 to a little voice yelling "mommy". in my haze i thought - that doesn't sound like it's coming out of the monitor speaker next to me.
indeed, it was not.

no, that little voice was coming from the family room where my two year old stood holding an applesauce pouch that he wanted for breakfast.

now, it is not news to me that keane can get himself out of his bed. he has done that many times since we switched him from a crib to a bed. it is also not news to me that he can now turn the doorknob on his bedroom door and get out of his room. he has done that a few times in the course of the past week.

however, he normally makes enough noise in his bed before getting up that i meet him just outside of his door if he makes it out of his room at all.

not today though.

today, after i got him his pouch and was about to get the rest of breakfast going i noticed something resembling a stain on the carpet. at first i thought it was courtesy of the dog, but when i turned the light on to take a closer look i realized it wasn't a stain, but a whole lot of pepper. and that is when i started investigating.

i found the pepper shaker next to my cup of water on the landing of the stairs, along with some more pepper shaken out all over the windowsill on the landing.

i found the pantry door open, and some christmas cards pulled off of the refrigerator. the candle on the kitchen table had a napkin stuffed in it, which means someone had probably climbed on the table.

and a candle that normally sits on the dining room table had been moved to the bench that flanks the table, and also had a dusting of pepper in it.

and the tv remotes were scattered on the floor.

thankfully, the presents under the tree remained wrapped.

so, while it could have been a lot worse, keane and i had to have a little talk about the need to come into mommy's room and wake her up if he gets out of bed.

a little bit later in the morning - 5 minutes or so - he decided to start unwrapping uncle ben's present despite me telling him not to touch it. so he had to sit in time-out while adele screamed since she woke up abnormally early to eat. oh, and i also found a present from the dog -- puked up baby wipes in a wad on the carpet.

ah, the joys of life with kids [and animals]. days like this call for a whole lot of coffee. and staying in my pjs for an extra long time. and lots and lots of grace.

merry christmas one and all! [*wink*]



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