11 months

here is a quick photo dump of adele's 11 month photo shoot. i pared down significantly, but she's just so cute i couldn't cut out any more of them!

our sweet girl is growing like a weed. she's eating a lot more foods now, and likes getting into and onto as many things as she can. she loves standing, but hasn't tried the whole walking thing yet. we think it's because she's a pretty fast crawler, and doesn't want to be slowed down. we're probably wrong, but that's our assessment.

she puts everything in her mouth, and gets rather upset when i take something back out of her mouth. you know, like candle wax - that stuff is yummy.

she also enjoys putting small things into bowls, cups, or buckets, and shaking them around. she loves music, and usually dances when she hears anything with a beat.

and she is a definite daddy's girl. daddy makes her light up when he walks into the room. unless she's hungry, she usually prefers him.

she's a pretty big fan of her big brother too. he can distract her like no one else. when she sees keane in the morning she smiles and gets super excited and starts "talking" and moving her arms around. it's very sweet.

anyway, here's our 11 month nugget:

as you can see adele did not want to leave her sticker on her shirt. and this time around keane was helping me get her to smile, so he had to get his picture taken at the end - and he wanted a sticker too. 

in the last photo he had just said to her "i love you baby sister." so of course, that one is my favorite of the two of them. 



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