oh, august

i'm not a big fan of august. despite the fact that quite a few people i love very much have birthdays in august it's still pretty meh. granted if i didn't have something to celebrate in august it'd be more like ugh, so i guess that's something.

to me august is the necessary slog of summer to get to the fresh air of september and october. i always forget that september here is like a slightly cooler oven, but it brings a lot of fall things with it even if i still sweat buckets from simply going outside.

without fail, i start longing for fall the second august hits. this year that nostalgia took up residence the last week in july, and has yet to leave. i don't think it'll go anywhere until november when i start thinking about christmas.

i've tried really hard to not simply look past august and plan for the gloriousness of fall. right now, i'm failing.

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i don't want to waste time i have with my kids. in some ways, i want august to go as slowly as possible, because my baby girl is almost two - and no longer a baby. i'm not such a big fan of that craziness.

i know that time will go quickly enough without urging it along. but i just keep thinking - fall is coming! fall is coming!

don't get me wrong, there are wonderful things about summer. it's just that God gave us seasons for a reason, and i'm ready for a new one. i'm also getting the urge to go shopping for new clothes, which seems to happen every fall because i always want more cozy sweaters and jeans. this year i've decided that i simply need to clean out my closet again so i can remember everything that i have in there, and remind myself how much i don't need to go shopping.


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i've also decided that this year we're going to start making bucket lists for each season {or most}. keane is getting old enough to have some input in what he wants to do, and has already decided that he wants to go apple-picking for his birthday this year.

he's also asked for hot chocolate quite a few times recently, so i think he might be ready for a new season too.

but i've looked up a bunch of "fall bucket lists" on pinterest, and started asking myself: what is a reasonable number of things to put on said list?

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just like everyone else i'm ready for pumpkins and bonfires. sweaters and boots. wearing jeans without sweating through them. and ahem, not shaving my legs for a few days in a row.

i'm ready for pumpkin carving, taking deep breaths when i walk outside, running in the coolness of the morning {because there actually is a coolness of the morning}, and sitting on the porch with hot apple cider.

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i'm ready for coziness. snuggling under blankets. crisp apples that didn't have to travel 3,000 miles to get here. i'm ready for more farmer's market trips, and hiking as the leaves change around us.

and yes, i'm ready for pumpkin spice lattes, and all of the copycat recipes that come with them.

what's on your list for the fall? have you made one in the past?
despite our trip to the pool earlier today... i'm so ready for fall.



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