my baby girl

my baby is officially no longer a baby. she's two.

i remember posting about keane's second birthday when adele was just two months old, and i was baffled that he was turning two.

the last two years have been a whirlwind of our baby girl growing up and turning into a toddler with a mind of her own.

someone once described adele as a little ray of sunshine. she's full of sunshine and mischievousness. she's opinionated and full of her own ideas. and she does everything she can to keep up with her brother.

she's feisty, and stubborn.
she does what she wants to do - much to keane's dismay since he usually has specific ideas about how things should go.
she's a complete daddy's girl. i love the moments when she asks to stay with mommy instead of go with daddy because they are so few and far between.

my dear girl,

God has big plans for you. my prayer for you is that you trust in his plan and his purpose for your life. every night i pray that you would be a woman after his own heart. and i give him thanks for the girl he made you to be. i pray for wisdom as we raise you. wisdom to meet you exactly where you are and parent you how you need us to parent you.

i love that you love books and puzzles. i love that you love cars and minnie mouse and that you are already content to sit and color by yourself {we won't talk about your tendency to color on the walls and furniture right now...}.

i love that you want to be buzz lightyear for halloween. i love that your "papa shirt" is your absolute favorite. i love that you love to run, and go for walks, and go to the playground. i love that you want to do things yourself even if it's not exactly ideal sometimes. i love that you already steal mommy's jewelry and have very strong opinions about shoes. i love how tough you are already - that you're rough and tumble in a dress.

some days i have to remind myself that the vast majority of traits that drive me absolutely insane on a daily basis are things that will serve you really well as an adult if we can hone them properly.

you are a ball of energy and a ray of sunshine.
you are a lot like me, with your daddy's sense of humor.
you idolize your big brother, but you don't let him boss you around.

one of my favorite things in the world is when you ask keane to hold you, and he opens his arms to let you sit in his lap. inevitably it lasts for about a minute before he realizes he can't actually see around you or do anything with you sitting on him, but it's still my favorite.
i love that you ask.
i love that he says yes.

when you were born i wasn't sure i'd know what to do with a girl. i was so glad we found out we were having a girl because it gave me time to get used to the idea. you are teaching me so much.

now of course, i don't know what i would do without you.
my little miss independent.
my little nugget.
my beautiful girl.

i love you big. even bigger than i ever thought possible.
happy happy birthday little one.

your mama


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