three years ago.

three years ago yesterday we were signing away our old house so i could come home and finish preparing our new one for our baby girl.

i still needed to get all of keane's stuff ready for nana & papa's house. i needed to double check my bag. i even managed to paint my nails a fall color since i knew i wouldn't be doing it again anytime soon.

peter wrapped up as much as possible at the office - even coming home a little bit late to make sure he wouldn't need to check in as much while we were at the hospital.

keane got chick-fil-a for dinner to celebrate his last night being an only child. oh, and i wrapped adele's presents for keane. the ones that he would get at the hospital when he came to meet her for the first time.

and 3 years ago i held my little nugget in my arms for the first time.

every year i wonder how in the world life is going so fast. every year it screams by faster and faster. some days i'm not sure where it all went. other days i do a very good job of remembering.

since that day i have watched her personality grow exponentially. i know her smile and her laugh, and watching them light up her face lights me up from the inside out.

she has taught me how to be a mom to a daughter. a beautiful, spunky, fiesty, rough-and-tumble in-a-dress daughter. she adores her brother, and she has sass for days. i want time to slow down, but i also want her to keep growing because i know God has made a masterpiece in her, and i can't wait to see where she goes.

in just over a week she'll go off to preschool in her brand new paw patrol backpack. the one that's almost as big as she is.

she constantly surprises everyone she meets with how well she talks and puts together thoughts and sentences. she's observant. she reads people. she asks insightful questions. she is an iteration of my heart walking and running and jumping around.

she wears her emotions on her sleeve and is as stubborn as her daddy. and i love her more and more with each passing day.

my sweet nugget, may you always know how loved and wanted you are. may you always know that you are a spectacular creation of your heavenly father. may you always know his voice above all others. and may you always be kind and speak joy into the lives of those around you {as opposed to kicking them like you tend to do to your brother when he makes you mad}.

may you remain curious. may you know that you are strong and courageous and the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. may you know that your whole family will always be in your corner. and that you are loved no matter what.

i love you more than you'll ever know.
happy birthday.

your mama


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