under the microscope

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today is the start of our home study. our first meeting. today.
it has me nervous and excited.

i'm excited to really jump into the process. i'm excited to move forward. and i'm nervous because someone is coming in and determining how fit we are as parents.

don't get me wrong - it's beyond necessary. the well-being of a child should not be taken lightly. there should be hoops to jump through.
i'm not upset about it, just nervous.

this is when i have to take a breath and remember that i'm not in control. i'm not sovereign over this process. and it's not up to me.

i have to trust that God really is in control, and that's hard because there's a big part of me who thinks i can do it better.

but there's freedom in it too.

God is in control. we need only to walk with him.

i don't know who our child is yet. but God does.
i pray for this child every day. i pray for him/her. i pray for his/her birth parents. i pray for the hearts of our family to be readied.

would you pray for us today? would you pray for us throughout this process?
thanks friends!
i hope you're having a great start to your week!



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