happiness is...

Today, despite its faults and mine I want to focus on the happy things in life. 

having an omelette and coffee breakfast 
spending quality time reading life giving words
my puppy lying in a ray of sunshine
fresh fruit and flowers
music that revives me and gently pushes me through the day
the snow on my roof
fragrant candles
packages in the mail
soccer games (to play or watch)
inspiring photographs
a pile full of new books
vintage bicycles
the farmer's market
Starbucks' chai tea latte
giant hugs from my husband
new shoes
good conversation, preferably over coffee or wine
catching up with friends (perhaps in conjunction with the aforementioned conversation)
my favorite jeans
comfy sweaters
a crackling fire
fresh herbs
ice cream in a waffle cone
springtime walks
driving with the windows down
a really good sale
a new haircut
mustard yellow
runner's high
listening to the waves crash on the beach
climbing trees
a really good outfit
coming home
Parisian streets
fresh bread
crepes with banana and nutella
playing in the rain
quality films
Steelers football
pumpkin orange
chocolate brown
dark chocolate
caesar salad
a really cold Coke
feta cheese
cobblestone streets

focusing on the good things


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