there are no words

I can't explain why I feel like crap and want to do nothing but sit in bed and surf the web today
I can't explain why the sky won't let the sunshine loose, but is determined to hold the clouds together and rain
I can't explain why I want to sit in silence when I would usually have a soundtrack for life gently pushing me through the day
I can't explain why I need to find and grasp beauty somewhere, even if it's in a picture of a far off place which I will never visit
I can't explain why I suddenly have the urge to pick up and move and be anywhere but where I am
I can't explain why a part of me wants to do anything not in this house, but the other part has me glued down without an ounce of motivation
I can't explain why none of my normal comforts have succeeded in comforting me
I can't explain why my creative juices have stopped flowing, and why the only way for me to catch a glimpse of what I'm trying to say is to write it all out and read it back to myself
I can't explain why things are the way they are, and why I wish some of them were anything but
I can't explain the simultaneous feeling and lack there of that courses through me and then subsides like the tide crashing on the seashore
I can't explain why I want to be anywhere else, but am almost afraid that anything else would not succeed in distracting me
I hate today
I hate the feelings I'm feeling
I hate the surges of emotion and the haunting lack that follows them
I hate the lack of talent and even the lack of humanness I feel today
I want to be full of wonderful and happy
but I'm brooding, lonely in my own mind and holding everything off at arms distance
I can't change it, believe me I've tried
I can't make it better
It seems I'm stuck doing the only thing I can do
In this moment it seems as though the only purpose I was ever sure of is gone

i simply don't understand


  1. I was out all had dead battery...i'll email you later...sarah


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