Today I woke up early and late.
I am having a love/hate relationship with blogs and blogging.
I don't feel like going for a run even though I want to run, and am excited to start training for a half marathon that I officially decided is next on the docket.

I need to update the budget for work today, and the budget is the bane of my work existence. The only plus is that when I get done I feel like I accomplished a lot.

I am excited about the prospective house-buying in our near future, and yet I'm frustrated with many other things in our life right now. It feels like I'm losing my focus and my edge. I feel like I used to accomplish so much more than I do on any given day right now. I work better when I'm in a routine, but as many times as I've tried routine still eludes me. My work schedule is simply too irregular. It drives me crazy, but I'm at a loss for ideas to fix it. 

Peter is out of town today, just until tomorrow morning, and while I hate having him gone I may be able to knock out a bit more of my to do list tonight since I won't be keeping him awake by doing so. 

I feel stuck in the middle of a handful of dichotomies strewn across my life. I can't seem to reconcile any of them, and I fear I'm going to get caught frozen with inaction in the middle of each one. 

And with that thought lodged deeply into my brain I'm off to workout.

happy wednesday


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