p.s. connection to the past

As an aside that I forgot to post earlier, I discovered something this past weekend. I was looking through some of the things that my dad kept when Grammy passed away and found (again) a telegram from my grandpa from WWII. It was in May of 1945 and while he had been in England for the majority of the war (he was a map expert - and unfortunately I did not get the directional gene from him) he had just taken a tour into Germany to survey the damage. 

One thing he mentioned was in the city of Cologne (Koln) the big stone cathedral was pretty much the only thing left standing. 

The big stone cathedral is one of the places we visited during our half a day in Cologne back in November. 

When I read that I was filled with a sort of nostalgic comfort that even though I never got to meet my grandpa I had been somewhere he was, half a world away.

the Cologne cathedral

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