summer schedule is now over. thankfully. i feel like i can breathe again. the past few weeks have been mostly about survival - about making it through and FINISHING. less about anything else.

i feel much like i did at the end of the half-marathon. i made it. i can relax. summertime no longer dominates my thoughts. so what comes next?

a break.
a trip.
a time to RELAX.
a time to enjoy life.

my respite will be full of some of my favorite people, and one of my very favorite places.

[and to celebrate someone's 2nd birthday!!]

personally i'm ready for fall. i'd break out my boots, sweaters, and tights today if they wouldn't cause me to melt into a pool of flesh on the pavement.

fall is my favorite time of year, hands-down. the clothes, the smells, the leaves, the bonfires, the sports. i know i say the same thing every year, but i just can't wait for it. the promise of all things fall buoys me through the dog days of summer.

i'm thankful for so much. as i take the time to slow down a bit i'm reminded of all the good things in life.

the smooth, tantalizing voice of denison witmer carries me through my day today. i've had time to read, to pray, to do yoga, to de-clutter, to sit down and reflect without being choked by a lack of time.

how much i need these reminders. the hope i have is almost mesmerizing. reflection brings me back to myself.

i remember
how much i have,
and i give thanks


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