savor the moments

well we had quite the trip to my favorite home city. we saw much of my family, and enjoyed all the moments spent with them. my only sad note is that we didn't get to visit with a few people that i've been missing like crazy. i'm kind of itching to go back already as the weather and the people have me missing life in the 'burgh. so many good things are there.

in fact, for most of the day today i've been thinking i'm still there, just in my own house. wouldn't that be lovely?? i know i'd enjoy it immensely.

we watched this guy turn two:

he got choo-choo tracks, and cows, and clothes, and car-cars, and a guitar cake. he's such a stinkin cutie, and i love him to pieces. friday night ally, zach, and i danced around their living room as i sang "the wheels on the bus," "old macdonald," and "the hokey-pokey" with them. we had lots of fun doing the motions for all of the songs.

on the drive home we started listening to a book entitled 168 hours, which is how many hours we have in a week. it talks a lot about how much time we actually do have, and part of the trick to maximizing said time is to be purposeful about what you do and don't do. set your priorities and keep them. that, along with another book peter has me reading called: the power of less, has me thinking A LOT about what my priorities are, and what they should be. frankly, i have a bit of soul searching to do, and a few decisions to make.

anyway, 168 hours has me thinking about needing to savor the moments i've been given. make choices instead of letting the time fly by and letting things, or people, or whatever, choose you.

one of her suggestions in the book is to make a list of "100 dreams," and i just may have to.

i want to get back to the days when the sky was the limit -- when i really believed that. i want to dream big dreams, and accomplish some of them.

i'm sick of treading water. i don't understand many of the things that have been placed in my path. i don't understand why things are easy for some people, and nearly impossible for others. i don't understand why i never had a "this is what i want to be when i grow up" dream. i'm sick of being paralyzed by what i don't know though.

it's time to stop letting the life i don't like stand in the way of the one i do - or at least might.

it's time to channel
the little engine that could...


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