just kidding...

this feels like the catch-phrase of my life right now. so much has happened over the last few weeks where this phrase fits all too well.

the most recent one is probably the most obtrusive, but annoying nonetheless. as i woke up and found my bearings this morning i checked the weather to see how i should outfit myself for the day. much to my dismay the high in this blasted city today was 88*, the high listed for tomorrow is a sweltering 92*.

so much for fall.

she only comes to visit, and tease us momentarily down here. then summer comes roaring back, dictator that she is.

despite night's blanket arriving at an earlier hour the sun still beats down on us with as much oppression as she can muster. the leaves on the trees in our yard are still ON the trees, and are as green as they were two months ago.

stupid weather.

anyway, i was sort of productive today -- not in every way possible, but at least i made my way out and accomplished something. even if it was just getting groceries for the week...

i also finished anne lamott's plan b, further thoughts on faith. she has officially become one of my favorite writers and her experiences, the truth and reality of what she has been through was everything that i needed to hear today.

i honestly considered writing her a letter to thank her. thank her for being real in a world full of fakers.

oh, and one last little thing -- it was time for a change so i made one last week:

hope your world
is full of fallen leaves
apple cider
and all things fabulous


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