i packed today completely full. COMPLETELY. wake up time was 5:30am. bedtime is yet to be determined. [i only get up that early for my husband. no one else. AND perhaps because i was promised starbucks. perhaps.]

i flitted through my day mostly "there" in what i was doing, but always thinking of what came next. and tonight, as i walked home and settled down a bit, i realized why i like blogs so much. and why i like certain tv shows. and certain books. and certain aspects of creation.

because these various forms of art speak to something inside of me. they show me beauty, and show me the things i'm missing when i rush around. they show me what life could be. [maybe not tv shows exactly, but you know what i mean...]

and when things feel as crappy as they've felt lately sometimes you need to live vicariously. sometimes you need more than what you have at the moment. you need to think about the good that is out there. even if it has gone into hibernation in your own life.

sometimes vicarious living is the only way to keep holding on by the skin of your teeth. i know it's not healthy per se, but sometimes all you've got is an unhealthy mess.

or maybe that's just what it feels like.

hope where you are,
is back to the 
sunny side.


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